Nestville Whisky Blended 6yo 40%

Nestville Whisky Blended 6yo 40%

About product

Nestville Whisky Blended 6yo matured in barrels made of American white oak, unique by its origin, composition and character. This 6-year whiskey is very fine to soft, sweet after corn with beautiful golden-brown color. Nestville Whisky leaves rich taste of vanilla, extract from wood with strong tones of malt.

The original and delicious taste of whisky hides a unique production process of seven-column distillation which results in a distillate of exceptional delicacy and purity. Individual barrels for maturing whisky are hand selected.

This whisky received significant awards in world-renowned competitions in 2018, including a silver medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards and bronze medal at the World Whiskies Awards. Even Jim Murray himself, in his world-famous book the Whisky Bible, gave this whisky a verbal rating of “BRILLIANT whisky”. It holds the Kosher certificate and the SK Quality Mark.


robust smell of oak wood, vanilla with a soft honey-spicy finish.


rich flavor full of vanilla and oak wood. Complexly aromatic and slightly sweet. On the background cream with maple syrup.


very harmonious finish with delicious bitterness and caramel sweetness.