Nestville Whisky Single Malt 43%

Nestville Whisky Single Malt 43%

About product

Nestville Whisky Single Malt 43 % is single-malt whisky matured for 2 years in an American white oak barrel and for 3 years in a bourbon-barell. 100 % barley malt is used to produce our malt whisky, which we carefully prepare ourselves. The malt is smoked over hardwood beech and cherry wood, giving Nestville Whisky unmistakable flavor and aroma.

Nestville Whisky Single Malt is inspired mostly by sweet and delicate taste of green apple with decent floral undertone and silky aroma of honey, with which a slightly spicy taste and touch of cream are intertwined. At the end, you can smell soft, fresh fruity finish with notes of liquorice.

The product in the Nestville Whisky Single Malt line is carefully selected in order to satisfty the demands of true malt whisky enthusiasts.


sweet vanilla and subtle spicy. Light sweet fruit tones of green apple are.


fresh fruit tones dominate again with flavour of vanilla and caramel. In the background, a malty, slightly spicy and creamy taste with a touch of cream.


light, fruity aftertaste with sweetroot.