Nestville Whisky Single Barrel Wheat 44%

Nestville Whisky Single Barrel Wheat 44%

About product

Nestville Whisky Single Barrel Wheat is made of 100% wheat originating from local fields, known for its quality and great flavour. To age it, we use new barrels made of the very rare American white oak. Since this is a single barrel edition, each bottle is unique because it comes from a different barrel, which creates its own flavour and fragrance identity. Thanks to this perfect harmony, it is a real experience not just for whiskey enthusiasts. It is the result of perseverance, devotion and hard work.

We are honoured to introduce you to our first wheat whisky and we hope you will fall in love with it as much as we did.




dominant apple and vanilla fragrance with a light touch of cane sugar.


creamy, with a smooth and gentle bark flavour and with light tones of caramel toffee in the background. Lightly spicy towards the end.


perfect harmony of flavour and fragrance, which gives this whisky its uniqueness.