Nestville Pear Liqueur 35%

Nestville Pear Liqueur 35%

About product

Unique combination of original Nestville Whisky Blended and delicious taste of pears creates fresh, sweet, intensive and tasteful experience with subtle notes of vanilla and oak in the background. Nestville Whisky is made by using special seven column distillation which provides distillate of unique silkiness and purity. Maturation process takes place in selected whit oak casks only that enrich this experience abundantly with delightful taste full of sweet notes. Sweet and sour taste of pear accompanies perfectly silky and fresh taste of whisky. Every single Nestville Pear is hiding within very carefully acquired natural aroma of pear in order to preserve natural character of its aroma and taste.


Strong sweet aroma of pear with vanilla and oak wood finish


Fresh and intense sweet taste of pear with light vanilla and oak wood on the background.


Sweet pear and slightly spicy finnish