Nestville Whisky Cask Strength 63,9%

Nestville Whisky Cask Strength 63,9%

About product

Nestville Whisky Cask Strength is a unique, 7-year-old limited edition whisky especially created for the Nestville Open Fest 2018, coming from a single barrel. Cask Strength is a strong and distinctive whisky with barrel power, meaning that this whisky is not diluted with water before bottling and preserves its natural and rich flavour. The whisky spirits contain 12% malt, 48% corn, and 40% triticale. Aged in a barrel at 65% strength, after seven years, this whisky has an alcohol content of 63.9%. A new, American white oak barrel was used for maturing. This unique whisky is not cold filtered, and the resulting whisky colouring is natural without any added dye. This is why it retains a distinctive and rich cereal flavour, and a penetrating, sweet aroma of vanilla with fine oak sourness and dried fruits.

Cask strength is whisky sought by experts for its distinctive character and unique flavour. Each bottle is original with its own handwritten serial number, barrel number from which it was taken, date when the barrel was filled and the date of bottling.



intense sweet and vanilla aroma.


bold and full of grains with subtle tannins and dried fruit.


caramel and vanilla with long bourbon aftertaste.