Nestville Whisky Blended 40%

Nestville Whisky Blended 40%

About product

One of the driving forces behind starting production at Nestville Whisky was high-quality and crystal-clear water. Its analysis showed a mineral composition that is extremely suitable for whisky production. Water analysis revealed a mineral composition extremely suitable for whisky production. The water travels a long way from Belianske Tatras to Ľubovnian basin thanks to which it’s enriched with a unique mineral composition. This unique composition of water, rich in Ca, Mg, Fe, gives our Nestville Whisky unmistakable taste and originality. The flavour can be enhanced by aging in oak barrels and by smoking malt, but only the water is so specific that it gives whisky a unique taste and stability. Nestville Whisky Blended is blended from several types of barrels made of white oak with whisky distillate. The result is unforgettable pleasure from whisky.

Nestville Whisky Blended 40 % won a silver medal at the China Sommeliers Wine Challenge right in the first year of its release in 2012. In 2013 it achieved a bronze medal at the prestigious competition International Review of Spirits in Chicago, USA. In 2020 it won silver medal again at the globally recognized San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The last bronze medal is from distinguished international competition International Spirits Awards 2021. It holds the Kosher certificate and the SK Quality Mark.


slightly sweet vanilla scent with the tones of caramel, apples and burning wood.


very delicious and at the same time light flavor wrapped in vanilla with a grain-malt background.


finely balanced finish with dry notes of wood.