Nestville Whisky Single Malt Single Cask 45%

Nestville Whisky Single Malt Single Cask 45%

About product

The Nestville Distillery is located in Hniezdne, whose first written mention dates back to 1286. The Nestville Whisky Single Malt Single Cask is a proud member of this historically important municipality, which used to be a royal town. It offers an unforgettable experience that enriches tasting for everyone who can fully appreciate a 100% malt whisky. The ingredients used for the production of this single malt whisky are barley grown on local fields and crystal-clear water from beneath the Tatra Mountains. The careful distillation process and ageing in American white oak casks, charred according to our requirements, add uniqueness and complexity to this whisky. The whisky is bottled by hand, always after opening a single cask from our vintage inventory. One cask can fill around 410 bottles. Every single bottle of this whisky is unique, with a different taste and fragrance profile of the cask in which it was aged.

We’ve worked tirelessly on creating a unique flavour, so we hope you fall in love with it.


a strong grain fragrance at the start together with fresh citrus peel aroma. Refreshing fruity tones come to the forefront together with a strong vanilla push.


a warming and partly oily feel on the roof of the mouth initially provides dominant grain tones, followed by a gentle sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar and freshly melted caramel. The background is filled with citrus notes and sour apple.


medium long. A combination of sweetness from malt and caramel. Real balance with a refined finish. Dry tones of oak at the very end.