Nestville Whisky Single Barrel Corn 44%

Nestville Whisky Single Barrel Corn 44%

About product

One of the most important steps in the production of whisky is the selection of ingredients. Since we value our culture and traditions, we use the best local ingredients for the production of Nestville Whisky Single Barrel Corn. It’s made of 100% corn grown on Slovak fields. Barrels used for whiskey maturation are made of American white oak, which lends it its unique flavour and fragrance profile. Nestville Whisky Corn is a single barrel edition, always bottled from a single barrel, which is why each bottle represents an original experience.

We are honoured to introduce you to our new corn whisky and we hope you will fall in love with it as much as we did.


a sharp green apple aroma in combination with oak bark and vanilla.


initially dominant bitter tones of wood, which are mellowed out in the background by the balanced flavour of vanilla and sweet corn. Light, oily flavour.


a long lasting warming finish.