Nestville Whisky Master Blender 2018 9yo 46%

Nestville Whisky Master Blender 2018 9yo 46%

About product

Nestville Whiskey Master Blender 2018 9yo is a special limited edition 9-year-old blended whisky. In order to achieve a perfect harmony of whiskey flavors, we mixed the distillate from four selected oak casks from archival stocks, which were filled for maturation at the end of 2008 and in 2009. Each bottle is original with its handwritten serial number, the numbers of the casks from which it was bottled, the date of filling barrels, the date of filling the bottle and the signature of the chief technologist Ing. Lucie Jakubíková PhD., who is behind the birth of this unique whiskey. The whiskey filling was selected from four prepared samples by an expert committee. Among the members is the author of the world-famous Whiskey Bible, Jim Murray, whose signature is on every bottle. This limited edition Master Blender 2018 was released in 1,475 bottles with an alcohol content of 46%.

The 2008 vintage was a grain whiskey with a high proportion of wheat and rye and was originally matured in 700L French oak casks and used sherry casks. The 2009 vintage, which we used in this blended whiskey, was supplemented with corn in the raw material, and new 200 L American white oak barrels were used for maturation. The malt used in both vintages was lightly smoked with hardwood smoke and dried at higher temperatures, which caused it to partially caramelize. We left part of the mixture to mature in a Tokaj wine barrel before the end, which gave the whiskey a subtle fruity charm and accentuated its sweetness.

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fruity, spicy in the background. Alternating dominance of cooked apples and sultanas, soft marzipan sweetness.


fruity taste in the background, accompanied by muscovado sugar. The main part is about the grain, especially the corn, which blends with the tannins.


belatedly delicious chocolate finish. Cocoa is highlighted by a wide spectrum of spices.