Nestville Whisky Blended 12yo 40%

Nestville Whisky Blended 12yo 40%

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We guard the process of making our whisky carefully, but it’s no secret why our 12 Year Old Nestville Whisky Blended is so delicious and smooth. Crystal clear sub-tropical water, carefully selected grains and a specially designed 7-column distillation process ensure that the smoothness of flavour and aroma is preserved.  The whisky is matured for one to two years in new oak casks until the desired saturation of bitter notes of tannins, followed by re-conditioning in ex-bourbon barrels from Kentucky. The velvety touch of this uniquely blended 12 year old whisky is highlighted by sweet vanilla, caramel and oak notes.


pleasant aroma of ripe grain, strong notes of apple and citrus fruit, dark chocolate with nuts and spices, a touch of caramel and toffee.


malty notes of fresh fruit dominate at the start, followed by the sweetness of honey and bourbon vanilla.


medium length, complements with caramel and apple, a touch of cereal and dominant vanilla on the finish. Simply REMINISCENCE OF VANILLA.